Does it have to be a programmed life?

With all due genuflection and extreme reverence to the Father of my Great Nation, India, in his own words
You must be the change You wish to see in the world

The gems and Jewels of half full glass starts here and right now....
we all are bestowed with the best gift of our life and it is our life; like we are blessed with the blown beautiful kisses from Angels and these kisses are nothing but our friends, family and loved ones. we are endowed with every new and fresh day in our life. Every day is a new beginning, we are gifted with it to use it the way we wanted and we desire it to be. we can worthlessly frivol away with it or worth fully use it in a fruitful way. what we do today is extremely important because we are using one important day of our life in exchange to the number of days we bargained with the Mother Nature and of course our Almighty. This day that we exchanged or bargained with our life cannot be replaced nor can be filled because when it is tomorrow this today is gone forever.

This today you might have lost your good relation with your friend or might have done something that you might repent for the entire life or this today you might have lost your love or what ever it is this today is gone, Today is so important that when the tomorrow arrives like a sunshine you should feel proud and contend for this today that passed away. An unknown author says When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind...let it be something good."

why am I writing just about Today? Because each today is a building block of ours and our surrounding world, yes our own little world. In a fast paced competitive world we are so lost that we forget to enjoy the blissfulness of our life. what we forget and don't realize is how gifted we are to have this precious life which we destroy most of it before even we realize it; may be too late. Our life is our gift which we need to benefit from it to admire and taste it to meet all through the day to complete the gaps and play and accept it. we all at some point of our life or still dream of being somebody special or some sort of celebrity. And some dream of being rich, successful in life and truly and happily in our relationship. Some make it and some fail; so many life full of events like that. All these things on most occasions take away us from our life. The rationality of our life is heavily missed when we do things that doesn't makes us happy or we just do it because we have to. Find something that keeps and makes you happy in your life. It is not as ideal as every one wants to be but atleast happier than now...unless you think unless you don't try for it, atleast not impossible. It is ok in our Job to be compromised and not happy but there may be other avenues to either make it a your dream Job by working hard on it and have passion poured in it or at least find other avenues which makes you happy, rather than fighting each day aganist your will, heart and your happiness. That is bad and don't dwell in it!

I think we should hem in persisting troubles to set free and have a unfasten and happy life. we all have career and goals some of them may be not balanced with our success because few career goals are as such. As Chetan says Balanced successful life means ensuring your health, relationships, mental peace are all in good order. There is no point of getting a promotion on the day of your breakup and no fun driving a car if our back hurts. The strive that we do in our lives is worth if there is a harmony in our life else all our success will fade away and the excitement will eventually die. Our endowed life is meant for enjoying, relishing and not for doggedness or spending it seriously. All our scientists though they seriously were behind an invention were passion about it and enjoyed it; so it doesn't matter what you do but it does matter if you don't enjoy. Discover the real life within our lives.

Before I bring down the curtain and clinch to put the lid on this opinion I would say the best way to live our life is to explore what is that makes us happy, strive for it and struggle for it; there lies happiness. Like loving your wife everyday, your loved ones, enjoying with friends, falling in love or what ever it is just do it but don't be like a program or a machine or don't make your life a program that does the same thing or has to be like that. Be like a free bird and let the bird fly to see around the beautiful mountains, landscapes and have a festive life.

Love Life to Live Life like the Life we are endowed for it.....Vasu