Wings that we all need.

Isn't it we need our own pair of wings to fly and soar high into the skies to reach, what once was a boundary. And we look ourselves later the new world that we created. Then, why in today's world we find out who we are from the impressions and opinions we get from outside world and not within ourselves? Why don't we travel deep inside to find who we are and what we want in our life. It is so unfortunate that we base our image and carve it based on other people's view. It is great to get feedback, esp a positve one , but if that's all you got, we are in danger and our self image will forever will depend on others. Traveling deep into us to find our potential and our self is our true identity.
To understand your strengths may take time, don't let weakness engulf you. It's ok if you have clouds in between you and the sun's light. And don't be sorrowful for it, because sorrow is a preparation for the upcoming joy. One day your potential will violently sweep all the sorrow out of your heart and life, so that new joy can find its home, prepare to make space for it to enter. The new joy is like a spring which shakes all the yellow leaves from the bough to make room for the fresh green leaves in it's place. The new potential that is discovered brings immense joy that shakes the rotten roots to give more room for the new ones. Few moments in life can shake or bring you down but be prepared in heart, far better things will soon replace it. For your dreams just keep that faith and love in heart. That inner strength to discover ourselves are the true wings that we all need to be successful or atleast not a failure.
We all don't know when we lost something (be it time, love or an opportunity), so why look back, create one and move on.
......that's my true wings.


Open it up and Fight for it…

Let me open my note with a belief that I have in my heart - Everything and Everyone can be better than they are or fight to get better. Don’t you think so? Lets pause for a moment, close our eyes and open our heart to muster this thought; so many things come to our mind that we think we can do better – love, friendship, relationship, health, Job, attitude and many that I can’t even think which is unique to you, so many things come to our mind. Isn’t it? That something can be done better!
Not all of us start our lives in a fresco, we may have cluttered ones or the world might have thrown their paints on us and the image that we have is not what we want. Is that the end of it? If that’s the case the world that we see could have been a different one. Take for instance a child’s view of looking for a fresh snow to lie on it to leave an impression by flapping wings so as to carve his image. Look everything as a fresh universe and begin from there. If you don’t have one create on or fake it. As Muhammad Ali says "To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are." The vision is important or developing one is important because if we consider victims of our circumstances we will always remain a victim.

I write these when I’m touched by some conversations that I’ve with my friends or lost communication with them but whatever it is I pen these to the best that I can do and revisit to remember. It is a beautiful life. I would like to share a story so that few of my friend’s perception can change how to looking upon an issue and that is not the end of the world.

Once lived a creative engineer named John Roebling – he was driven by a penchant idea to build a spectacular bridge connecting New York with the Long Island; the whole world mocked him including the bridge building experts, you know why? such impossible feat high was never built before and they never had a vision. Shared his ideas and vision with his Son, Washington, because he could not give up his vision and had to persuade and convince him, his son was a fresh emerging engineer. Together their synergy had to overcome the obstacles and the headiness of a wild challenge the had, they never let their spirits down. Crew members were hired, Project started and everything was running fine. After few months on a tragic accident the father lost his life with his son physically Injured with sustained brain damages and left physically immobile. The world came back and bashed with them with their foolish and wild visions. Though they started with a fresh fresco it was splashed with all sorts of colors, no one talked positive and asked to scrap the project. Washington was handicapped physically but his mental burning desire to complete rose all the time when he was let and put down. His inspiration didn’t help anyone to support him and all left saying either it's a Gordian or a daunting task.

As he was lying on his bed in the hospital room, he gazed at the sunlight that was streaming with a mild breeze which was blowing the flimsy curtains apart and he was able to see the sky and the tops of the trees for a moment and he picked it was a message to fight back – an idea hit him , all he could do was move his one finger and decided the best he could do with it. He developed a code of communication with his wife with that finger. He touched her arm with it to his wife to call Engineers and used the same finger to tap her arm to communicate to the Engineers. World around him mocked again but the project started again. You know for 13 years Washington tapped out his ideas with his finger on his wife’s arm until one day the bridge finally completed. Today it is nothing but the spectacular Brooklyn Bridge that you see in New York which is a glory and a mark and a tribute of one man’s undying spirit and determination that fought all the circumstances, it is a sign of faith, love and devotion of his partner for those 13 long patient years to decode the message to the engineers.

All the actions narrated here are an eloquence depicting faith, love and determination. We should not fear the light of the day if we are afraid of dark. We all by nature try to keep our thoughts locked and locked till we die. The same applies to any human feelings. If we keep our thoughts locked until we die and when those thoughts are closed in caves then love will show its roots in the deepest hell.
Life needs to be lived, express and open up your heart and follow it, if needed fight for it.


Kindness - another hidden treasure of our soul.

Welcome...if I may so Let me open the curtain of my heart.

Human Kindness – Care and Compassion for others. It is told forget injuries, never forget kindness.
When I was in a graduate school in Chicago on a limited to no budget for my living expenses, I was running short on reserves for the coming season and one fine day then a friend, now one of my good friends helped me to find a part time that changed my life and confidence level, I can never forget his act of kindness. When I first moved to Chicago, United States I went straight to Graduate School with no place to stay and standing in a line with my luggage outside of the office as I knew no human soul at that time, One of my seniors - a grad student - now one of my best friends helped me to find a place, it is his place. I always get inspired when I remember these and other acts of kindness that was showered on me, it boosts and demonstrates their compassion and caring; that is human kindness which is priceless. That led me to do and react for random acts of Kindness who knows our own effort of compassion can change someone’s life.

We are humans and cannot read fellow human pains and sorrows, usually we cover up very well and make-up painful smiles from broken hearts or hurtful moments. It doesn’t hurt to take selfless steps to encourage or smile and wishing them or complimenting them and asking a simple thing how are you this morning or how was your weekend? We can make a difference; we never know how we can impact on them. We could have saved someone from taking their own life or complimenting a lady we could have boosted a young lady with a low self esteem, words have an ever lasting impact and brings the positive posture.

There is no harm if we shower kindness to people that we don’t know; some help to an old lady or an old man in a grocery store or helping a poor sighted to a blind man pass the road.
Or even saying a person walking his dog saying so cute dog and pat it, it could be his/her only loved one makes them feel that they have something that they look upon for inspiration or to wade of the loneliness. When I was young I never admired the intelligent ones rather kind ones and even when I grew I always admired kind people probably that made to do social help to the aged and old people, I’m a happy going guy I practice compassion so I can make others happy. Imagine the feeling inside our heart when we carry out the acts of kindness and the greatest pleasure that you derive from it.

We all come into this world as strangers but we don’t want to leave this planet as strangers; do something wonderful so that you leave a path for the small world that you represent.



Build It or Bury Beneath It...

we all might have made bricks out of the dirt that was thrown at us and made a mansion out of it and look from the top of it and enjoy the awesome view with lots of dirt underneath. These dirt are the troubles and bad times that life threw on us which we can be buried underneath and give-up or shake ourselves and try to be on top of it.
No matter what sooner or later dirt will hit us and what we do with it is up-to us. we can build our future or use it to cover our own grave.

Hello, welcome to the post of Build It or Bury Beneath It...!

Life is always a puzzle as we know though it is filled with Joy, it is always hard to find it. Think like this you love someone but you do not find the courage to let her know that you love her, isn't it painful? Just be honest! It is the same thing we know we are gifted with a life but as it is a riddle to get to the joy part and we don't make an effort to reach it with lack of courage, it frustrates us and choose a path for which we always complaint and take the course where we start to build our own grave. This post is aimed to look positive and to be brave and make our own paths to reach to the top and this needs courage.

....Derive it Dare it and Dwell in it to Develop it....

Lets open the curtain with a theme that ultimately closes with perseverance which makes a perfect and a passionate person.

We all need to believe in our self....there was a time when I never believed in myself and had little to no self confidence in an area where I thought I was weak. A mother nature gifted and a born passionate boy had his own qualms, yes this ages back and this was the time when I didn't had the courage to express an individual my feeling that I lost her for ever in my life. I didn't believe in my self and always thought what others think. I've a friend who also thinks the same even now. One fine morning while doing Yoga with my Dad, he said in his final session of teaching yoga to me that Self Confidence comes within and to practice it, it needs a character that can believe in itself that I CANDO ANYTHING I WANT rather I can't do anything I want

That belief not only made me an University Topper in Computer Science, even my Masters @ IIT, or a Cricket Captain representing University for Eastern Part of India or an Amateur Dance Choreographer or even my body-to-mind training methods, if I can believe in myself and pour passion into everything that I do so could you and anyone to whom I don't know and is reading this blog also can. It all needs discipline within our-self and a hard core belief in our heart. we need to put our mind in it, pick it ourselves and step-by-step we achieve GOALS. we all can grow in believing ourself, all the baby steps that we do will lead us to the final goal one day. And once you are there and you look back and say I CAN DO IT and so you can no matter what you've done or have not done. Again another story starts like this as we pass this to the next a baton in a relay race. Pass it on....the beauty of life.

We all live in a world which for the most part is not perfect nor ideal for most of the hypothetical things that our soul and heart wish to be. At-least I believe in it. We can make ourselves at-least close to perfection it needs Perseverance which is my main pillar for this post. The more higher you go and the more heights you reach the tougher is always there at the top.

The opportunity to do more, to be more will always be there...take for example Mahatma Gandhi when he started for a freedom movement, he never looked back, he always said be the change that you want to see around you. Start from where you are, with what you have, take the first step, face the challenge and if takes you to go to the stars if you have to, do it. Just make sure and have the goal in your heart's vicinity what you want to ACHIEVE and never ever give up, don't let any fear or any dirt stop you. Spread your best WINGS may it be against the wind or in its flow and soar high into the skies and fear not to FALL or FAIL. Remember every second gives you an opportunity to create a new BEGINNING and kill the fear to initiate or be a change for something that drives you within. Take a CHANCE everyday! Make a difference in everything and be always the person that you were meant to be or at-least the person that you always want to be, strive for it...go for it....fight for it...fulfill it.

---Be the change and hang in there to Turn the IMPOSSIBLE into a POSSIBLE success.

Always remember that you the only person who is responsible for you actions and your ACTIONS depend on how you perceive things. So LOOK Positively! Stay Positive and always Emit Positive....

We complaint a lot but lets take a moment and think about ourself and our situation and try to make the best of what's been given to you though it is a challenge, but I believe it is a puzzle, go and solve it and if it needs to take a chance, do it. Its up to you to decide to take chances, your CHOICE your RESPONSIBILITY, WIN or LOSE....
...believe me you hold the key to your DESTINY
BE BRAVE and find your own way to WIN....

I would like to close the steaming lid to bore into your mind that...
...Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent...think it and we all can make wonders in our own little world.

From the Hearts for a Happy Camper!!!


Love - Most Precious thing in our Lives

Around 12 PM
June 20th of 2010
The most precious thing in our lives is Love, I think it is the only thing that keeps our heart young. In my other blog I reference it as the all time greatest gift, referenced here...
In my childhood days I've seen lots of stories and I guess you might have seen quite a bit even; Love is as pleasant as it can be dangerous. It is so pleasant that you always smile when you think of your lover and it is so dangerous that it can take you to any course and can drive you insane. To tell one, Isn't it the hardest thing to do is to watch the one you love, love someone else?; it becomes so hard that you frustrate yourself and the heart may overtakes your mind and more and its own course!

Nature always loves symmetry; Everything has to be balanced, too much of anything is always harmful. Everything in love is fair. Kingdoms are won/lost for love, as it never can be moderate and thus always fair that everything that you do in love is fair and just. I personally believe that it is always hard to fall asleep when you are in love as I believe in reality rather than dreams; Like anything else we need to wake to work hard rather than sleep to dream about it. Love makes you think or behave differently. I always fail whenever I try to define love because it is beyond definition or feelings, it is so sacred and gifted that it is the symbol of purity. It has the power to change things/individuals from their normal behavior. If we belive God is Love and Love is God, it has to be prayed and revered - Such is Love.

In love you can imagine anything, and everything that you imagine will become love.
when you are in love, even gazing stars is felt love, feel like going for a walk, hand in hand in the path of the stars with your sweetheart as apposed to one who is not in love who just enjoys gazing at the stars. Or even being behind the stars and feeling the heartbeat of love or imagining the beautiful moon as his beloved or nesting love around the beautiful stars and moon. It is how you think when in love. The failure to see beyond lacks the beauty that our hearts always desire and are endowed.

As I said, when in love anything that you imagine is love and anything you do in love is also Love; such is Love - trust me. It is that pleasant. you feel so special to kiss your sweetheart on the forehead even when it is sweating, that is how simple and special it is in its own way. That precious can never be defined. Inspite of me writing all these things I'm a big failure in writing about love becuase it is such an immense feeling, we simply forget because of the world and the pace of it we are in. Never mind we all accept how our life takes us, I felt like writing but does that make any difference?, I don't think so but at least I could pen few things about it, like a small drop in an occean of love and its feelings that were already expressed or engraved in this beautiful planet.

Ture love as I saw never had a smooth courses it only were engraved in memories of each who are part of it. If a marriage can bring new meaning to love, so is love that brings new meaning to our Life. Yes in love you see it as the only sense that you've; all the five senses are bundled together for a joy undefined; with only one sense - the sense of love. The only thing that you see is Love, the only thing that you hear is love, the only thing that you breathe is love, the only thing that you taste is love and the most sensual touch that you can feel is Love. In short the whole world that you have is love.

For most of you that you read my thoughts so far could say I'm being insane or true in a virtualal world which has no place in real world, I agree with you all, unfortunately! For some it could be late or for some it never happened but what ever it is, Love is always precious, if you have it make every effort not to let it go, it is precious. It is such precious that if you are loved you have something that others lacked and makes you feel special or you may be called precious to your sweetheart. Isn't it they always say Love more to them who loves you rather than whom you love. Isn't it heart breaking at the same time to know that one you love, loves someone else? such a delicate and delicious is this love.

If you are blessed with love have your cup, enjoy your life and make it a heart healthy life with your love, inspire and grow with love; yes you heard it right, grow old with your love - it is so fun in doing it. Though it is true that, one whom you love the most are usually the ones that hurt you the most, its always worth falling in love. For some Love is medicine and for some it is a pain but no matter what it is, it is still Love.

I would like to slide the curtain to this show of love with a simple note........
"Love to be Loved; It is precious".......Vasu

Does it have to be a programmed life?

With all due genuflection and extreme reverence to the Father of my Great Nation, India, in his own words
You must be the change You wish to see in the world

The gems and Jewels of half full glass starts here and right now....
we all are bestowed with the best gift of our life and it is our life; like we are blessed with the blown beautiful kisses from Angels and these kisses are nothing but our friends, family and loved ones. we are endowed with every new and fresh day in our life. Every day is a new beginning, we are gifted with it to use it the way we wanted and we desire it to be. we can worthlessly frivol away with it or worth fully use it in a fruitful way. what we do today is extremely important because we are using one important day of our life in exchange to the number of days we bargained with the Mother Nature and of course our Almighty. This day that we exchanged or bargained with our life cannot be replaced nor can be filled because when it is tomorrow this today is gone forever.

This today you might have lost your good relation with your friend or might have done something that you might repent for the entire life or this today you might have lost your love or what ever it is this today is gone, Today is so important that when the tomorrow arrives like a sunshine you should feel proud and contend for this today that passed away. An unknown author says When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind...let it be something good."

why am I writing just about Today? Because each today is a building block of ours and our surrounding world, yes our own little world. In a fast paced competitive world we are so lost that we forget to enjoy the blissfulness of our life. what we forget and don't realize is how gifted we are to have this precious life which we destroy most of it before even we realize it; may be too late. Our life is our gift which we need to benefit from it to admire and taste it to meet all through the day to complete the gaps and play and accept it. we all at some point of our life or still dream of being somebody special or some sort of celebrity. And some dream of being rich, successful in life and truly and happily in our relationship. Some make it and some fail; so many life full of events like that. All these things on most occasions take away us from our life. The rationality of our life is heavily missed when we do things that doesn't makes us happy or we just do it because we have to. Find something that keeps and makes you happy in your life. It is not as ideal as every one wants to be but atleast happier than now...unless you think unless you don't try for it, atleast not impossible. It is ok in our Job to be compromised and not happy but there may be other avenues to either make it a your dream Job by working hard on it and have passion poured in it or at least find other avenues which makes you happy, rather than fighting each day aganist your will, heart and your happiness. That is bad and don't dwell in it!

I think we should hem in persisting troubles to set free and have a unfasten and happy life. we all have career and goals some of them may be not balanced with our success because few career goals are as such. As Chetan says Balanced successful life means ensuring your health, relationships, mental peace are all in good order. There is no point of getting a promotion on the day of your breakup and no fun driving a car if our back hurts. The strive that we do in our lives is worth if there is a harmony in our life else all our success will fade away and the excitement will eventually die. Our endowed life is meant for enjoying, relishing and not for doggedness or spending it seriously. All our scientists though they seriously were behind an invention were passion about it and enjoyed it; so it doesn't matter what you do but it does matter if you don't enjoy. Discover the real life within our lives.

Before I bring down the curtain and clinch to put the lid on this opinion I would say the best way to live our life is to explore what is that makes us happy, strive for it and struggle for it; there lies happiness. Like loving your wife everyday, your loved ones, enjoying with friends, falling in love or what ever it is just do it but don't be like a program or a machine or don't make your life a program that does the same thing or has to be like that. Be like a free bird and let the bird fly to see around the beautiful mountains, landscapes and have a festive life.

Love Life to Live Life like the Life we are endowed for it.....Vasu