Open it up and Fight for it…

Let me open my note with a belief that I have in my heart - Everything and Everyone can be better than they are or fight to get better. Don’t you think so? Lets pause for a moment, close our eyes and open our heart to muster this thought; so many things come to our mind that we think we can do better – love, friendship, relationship, health, Job, attitude and many that I can’t even think which is unique to you, so many things come to our mind. Isn’t it? That something can be done better!
Not all of us start our lives in a fresco, we may have cluttered ones or the world might have thrown their paints on us and the image that we have is not what we want. Is that the end of it? If that’s the case the world that we see could have been a different one. Take for instance a child’s view of looking for a fresh snow to lie on it to leave an impression by flapping wings so as to carve his image. Look everything as a fresh universe and begin from there. If you don’t have one create on or fake it. As Muhammad Ali says "To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are." The vision is important or developing one is important because if we consider victims of our circumstances we will always remain a victim.

I write these when I’m touched by some conversations that I’ve with my friends or lost communication with them but whatever it is I pen these to the best that I can do and revisit to remember. It is a beautiful life. I would like to share a story so that few of my friend’s perception can change how to looking upon an issue and that is not the end of the world.

Once lived a creative engineer named John Roebling – he was driven by a penchant idea to build a spectacular bridge connecting New York with the Long Island; the whole world mocked him including the bridge building experts, you know why? such impossible feat high was never built before and they never had a vision. Shared his ideas and vision with his Son, Washington, because he could not give up his vision and had to persuade and convince him, his son was a fresh emerging engineer. Together their synergy had to overcome the obstacles and the headiness of a wild challenge the had, they never let their spirits down. Crew members were hired, Project started and everything was running fine. After few months on a tragic accident the father lost his life with his son physically Injured with sustained brain damages and left physically immobile. The world came back and bashed with them with their foolish and wild visions. Though they started with a fresh fresco it was splashed with all sorts of colors, no one talked positive and asked to scrap the project. Washington was handicapped physically but his mental burning desire to complete rose all the time when he was let and put down. His inspiration didn’t help anyone to support him and all left saying either it's a Gordian or a daunting task.

As he was lying on his bed in the hospital room, he gazed at the sunlight that was streaming with a mild breeze which was blowing the flimsy curtains apart and he was able to see the sky and the tops of the trees for a moment and he picked it was a message to fight back – an idea hit him , all he could do was move his one finger and decided the best he could do with it. He developed a code of communication with his wife with that finger. He touched her arm with it to his wife to call Engineers and used the same finger to tap her arm to communicate to the Engineers. World around him mocked again but the project started again. You know for 13 years Washington tapped out his ideas with his finger on his wife’s arm until one day the bridge finally completed. Today it is nothing but the spectacular Brooklyn Bridge that you see in New York which is a glory and a mark and a tribute of one man’s undying spirit and determination that fought all the circumstances, it is a sign of faith, love and devotion of his partner for those 13 long patient years to decode the message to the engineers.

All the actions narrated here are an eloquence depicting faith, love and determination. We should not fear the light of the day if we are afraid of dark. We all by nature try to keep our thoughts locked and locked till we die. The same applies to any human feelings. If we keep our thoughts locked until we die and when those thoughts are closed in caves then love will show its roots in the deepest hell.
Life needs to be lived, express and open up your heart and follow it, if needed fight for it.


  1. The dept of our will and soul can only be known, if we take up the journey to dive into it...may your post give all those who need the power to pick up their brushes and fill the colors on the the canvas...even if it mean to cover up all the unwanted colors with their own...

  2. Very Interesting thoughts..
    Mankind often gets the reality check on how he/she is caught up in the frame of this time and space even when born free..
    Much on how and what we choose often carries with it the sheer pressure of including the people or environmet we live in and on..
    So, inspiring to igniting the deep down power stream within to change or bring about a change has much much to do with where our focus and priorities takes tremedous sacrifice and courage to still pursue the dream and fight to keep the kindle alive amidst the worldly tags and coils cluttering our space and time..
    I applude those who have done it inspite of all :)
    Just my take on your blog..!!
    Good Day!

  3. You are right Reva. I like your take on my blog. Seems like the occean of depth is hidden in the deep heart, words has the power to reveal when eyes try to hide.

  4. that was a gud one...good moral