Wings that we all need.

Isn't it we need our own pair of wings to fly and soar high into the skies to reach, what once was a boundary. And we look ourselves later the new world that we created. Then, why in today's world we find out who we are from the impressions and opinions we get from outside world and not within ourselves? Why don't we travel deep inside to find who we are and what we want in our life. It is so unfortunate that we base our image and carve it based on other people's view. It is great to get feedback, esp a positve one , but if that's all you got, we are in danger and our self image will forever will depend on others. Traveling deep into us to find our potential and our self is our true identity.
To understand your strengths may take time, don't let weakness engulf you. It's ok if you have clouds in between you and the sun's light. And don't be sorrowful for it, because sorrow is a preparation for the upcoming joy. One day your potential will violently sweep all the sorrow out of your heart and life, so that new joy can find its home, prepare to make space for it to enter. The new joy is like a spring which shakes all the yellow leaves from the bough to make room for the fresh green leaves in it's place. The new potential that is discovered brings immense joy that shakes the rotten roots to give more room for the new ones. Few moments in life can shake or bring you down but be prepared in heart, far better things will soon replace it. For your dreams just keep that faith and love in heart. That inner strength to discover ourselves are the true wings that we all need to be successful or atleast not a failure.
We all don't know when we lost something (be it time, love or an opportunity), so why look back, create one and move on.
......that's my true wings.