Build It or Bury Beneath It...

we all might have made bricks out of the dirt that was thrown at us and made a mansion out of it and look from the top of it and enjoy the awesome view with lots of dirt underneath. These dirt are the troubles and bad times that life threw on us which we can be buried underneath and give-up or shake ourselves and try to be on top of it.
No matter what sooner or later dirt will hit us and what we do with it is up-to us. we can build our future or use it to cover our own grave.

Hello, welcome to the post of Build It or Bury Beneath It...!

Life is always a puzzle as we know though it is filled with Joy, it is always hard to find it. Think like this you love someone but you do not find the courage to let her know that you love her, isn't it painful? Just be honest! It is the same thing we know we are gifted with a life but as it is a riddle to get to the joy part and we don't make an effort to reach it with lack of courage, it frustrates us and choose a path for which we always complaint and take the course where we start to build our own grave. This post is aimed to look positive and to be brave and make our own paths to reach to the top and this needs courage.

....Derive it Dare it and Dwell in it to Develop it....

Lets open the curtain with a theme that ultimately closes with perseverance which makes a perfect and a passionate person.

We all need to believe in our self....there was a time when I never believed in myself and had little to no self confidence in an area where I thought I was weak. A mother nature gifted and a born passionate boy had his own qualms, yes this ages back and this was the time when I didn't had the courage to express an individual my feeling that I lost her for ever in my life. I didn't believe in my self and always thought what others think. I've a friend who also thinks the same even now. One fine morning while doing Yoga with my Dad, he said in his final session of teaching yoga to me that Self Confidence comes within and to practice it, it needs a character that can believe in itself that I CANDO ANYTHING I WANT rather I can't do anything I want

That belief not only made me an University Topper in Computer Science, even my Masters @ IIT, or a Cricket Captain representing University for Eastern Part of India or an Amateur Dance Choreographer or even my body-to-mind training methods, if I can believe in myself and pour passion into everything that I do so could you and anyone to whom I don't know and is reading this blog also can. It all needs discipline within our-self and a hard core belief in our heart. we need to put our mind in it, pick it ourselves and step-by-step we achieve GOALS. we all can grow in believing ourself, all the baby steps that we do will lead us to the final goal one day. And once you are there and you look back and say I CAN DO IT and so you can no matter what you've done or have not done. Again another story starts like this as we pass this to the next a baton in a relay race. Pass it on....the beauty of life.

We all live in a world which for the most part is not perfect nor ideal for most of the hypothetical things that our soul and heart wish to be. At-least I believe in it. We can make ourselves at-least close to perfection it needs Perseverance which is my main pillar for this post. The more higher you go and the more heights you reach the tougher is always there at the top.

The opportunity to do more, to be more will always be there...take for example Mahatma Gandhi when he started for a freedom movement, he never looked back, he always said be the change that you want to see around you. Start from where you are, with what you have, take the first step, face the challenge and if takes you to go to the stars if you have to, do it. Just make sure and have the goal in your heart's vicinity what you want to ACHIEVE and never ever give up, don't let any fear or any dirt stop you. Spread your best WINGS may it be against the wind or in its flow and soar high into the skies and fear not to FALL or FAIL. Remember every second gives you an opportunity to create a new BEGINNING and kill the fear to initiate or be a change for something that drives you within. Take a CHANCE everyday! Make a difference in everything and be always the person that you were meant to be or at-least the person that you always want to be, strive for it...go for it....fight for it...fulfill it.

---Be the change and hang in there to Turn the IMPOSSIBLE into a POSSIBLE success.

Always remember that you the only person who is responsible for you actions and your ACTIONS depend on how you perceive things. So LOOK Positively! Stay Positive and always Emit Positive....

We complaint a lot but lets take a moment and think about ourself and our situation and try to make the best of what's been given to you though it is a challenge, but I believe it is a puzzle, go and solve it and if it needs to take a chance, do it. Its up to you to decide to take chances, your CHOICE your RESPONSIBILITY, WIN or LOSE....
...believe me you hold the key to your DESTINY
BE BRAVE and find your own way to WIN....

I would like to close the steaming lid to bore into your mind that...
...Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent...think it and we all can make wonders in our own little world.

From the Hearts for a Happy Camper!!!