Kindness - another hidden treasure of our soul.

Welcome...if I may so Let me open the curtain of my heart.

Human Kindness – Care and Compassion for others. It is told forget injuries, never forget kindness.
When I was in a graduate school in Chicago on a limited to no budget for my living expenses, I was running short on reserves for the coming season and one fine day then a friend, now one of my good friends helped me to find a part time that changed my life and confidence level, I can never forget his act of kindness. When I first moved to Chicago, United States I went straight to Graduate School with no place to stay and standing in a line with my luggage outside of the office as I knew no human soul at that time, One of my seniors - a grad student - now one of my best friends helped me to find a place, it is his place. I always get inspired when I remember these and other acts of kindness that was showered on me, it boosts and demonstrates their compassion and caring; that is human kindness which is priceless. That led me to do and react for random acts of Kindness who knows our own effort of compassion can change someone’s life.

We are humans and cannot read fellow human pains and sorrows, usually we cover up very well and make-up painful smiles from broken hearts or hurtful moments. It doesn’t hurt to take selfless steps to encourage or smile and wishing them or complimenting them and asking a simple thing how are you this morning or how was your weekend? We can make a difference; we never know how we can impact on them. We could have saved someone from taking their own life or complimenting a lady we could have boosted a young lady with a low self esteem, words have an ever lasting impact and brings the positive posture.

There is no harm if we shower kindness to people that we don’t know; some help to an old lady or an old man in a grocery store or helping a poor sighted to a blind man pass the road.
Or even saying a person walking his dog saying so cute dog and pat it, it could be his/her only loved one makes them feel that they have something that they look upon for inspiration or to wade of the loneliness. When I was young I never admired the intelligent ones rather kind ones and even when I grew I always admired kind people probably that made to do social help to the aged and old people, I’m a happy going guy I practice compassion so I can make others happy. Imagine the feeling inside our heart when we carry out the acts of kindness and the greatest pleasure that you derive from it.

We all come into this world as strangers but we don’t want to leave this planet as strangers; do something wonderful so that you leave a path for the small world that you represent.



  1. A friend once quoted to me that the mind rules the heart...and to have a good heart you need to have a good mind...(Vivekananda) spite of all this I think what you have written that proves that the heart does have have some priority over the head, as it makes a person more human and more accepting..praises have a unique way of worming its way to anyone's heart..and I fully agree with you that, strangers do not have stay that way...with a little effort and softness from both sides

  2. Yup Vasu very less people in this world actually go back in their lives and appreciate the good and kind things other have done with them and eventually learn the same. whatever we are, we are made that way by experiences.It is act of nature balance. We do good to someone we may not receive some good or kindness from them but we will be receiving good or kindness from someone else, it is cycle of nature.The stay on earth is temporary we all have long journey to complete, It won't end here.
    You never know any single word or gesture can change lives and the thoughts, one should never leave a chance to compliment or encourage or smile as it can make other person's day. Not many people realize that. Humans in itself are complete and they feel more complete if they make others happy. Words are biggest power we all have, one can destroy evrything by bad words and one can make new relations or heal old ones by good words. If we really want to pray God first be good to the creation of God. All things bad and good will be left here in this planet. But good things and positive initiatives done by us will make our life rich and worthsome for us and others too and not the least we would be leaving that feeling to future generation so that earth remains a good place to live forever.We make identity, Identity does not make US :)