Love - Most Precious thing in our Lives

Around 12 PM
June 20th of 2010
The most precious thing in our lives is Love, I think it is the only thing that keeps our heart young. In my other blog I reference it as the all time greatest gift, referenced here...
In my childhood days I've seen lots of stories and I guess you might have seen quite a bit even; Love is as pleasant as it can be dangerous. It is so pleasant that you always smile when you think of your lover and it is so dangerous that it can take you to any course and can drive you insane. To tell one, Isn't it the hardest thing to do is to watch the one you love, love someone else?; it becomes so hard that you frustrate yourself and the heart may overtakes your mind and more and its own course!

Nature always loves symmetry; Everything has to be balanced, too much of anything is always harmful. Everything in love is fair. Kingdoms are won/lost for love, as it never can be moderate and thus always fair that everything that you do in love is fair and just. I personally believe that it is always hard to fall asleep when you are in love as I believe in reality rather than dreams; Like anything else we need to wake to work hard rather than sleep to dream about it. Love makes you think or behave differently. I always fail whenever I try to define love because it is beyond definition or feelings, it is so sacred and gifted that it is the symbol of purity. It has the power to change things/individuals from their normal behavior. If we belive God is Love and Love is God, it has to be prayed and revered - Such is Love.

In love you can imagine anything, and everything that you imagine will become love.
when you are in love, even gazing stars is felt love, feel like going for a walk, hand in hand in the path of the stars with your sweetheart as apposed to one who is not in love who just enjoys gazing at the stars. Or even being behind the stars and feeling the heartbeat of love or imagining the beautiful moon as his beloved or nesting love around the beautiful stars and moon. It is how you think when in love. The failure to see beyond lacks the beauty that our hearts always desire and are endowed.

As I said, when in love anything that you imagine is love and anything you do in love is also Love; such is Love - trust me. It is that pleasant. you feel so special to kiss your sweetheart on the forehead even when it is sweating, that is how simple and special it is in its own way. That precious can never be defined. Inspite of me writing all these things I'm a big failure in writing about love becuase it is such an immense feeling, we simply forget because of the world and the pace of it we are in. Never mind we all accept how our life takes us, I felt like writing but does that make any difference?, I don't think so but at least I could pen few things about it, like a small drop in an occean of love and its feelings that were already expressed or engraved in this beautiful planet.

Ture love as I saw never had a smooth courses it only were engraved in memories of each who are part of it. If a marriage can bring new meaning to love, so is love that brings new meaning to our Life. Yes in love you see it as the only sense that you've; all the five senses are bundled together for a joy undefined; with only one sense - the sense of love. The only thing that you see is Love, the only thing that you hear is love, the only thing that you breathe is love, the only thing that you taste is love and the most sensual touch that you can feel is Love. In short the whole world that you have is love.

For most of you that you read my thoughts so far could say I'm being insane or true in a virtualal world which has no place in real world, I agree with you all, unfortunately! For some it could be late or for some it never happened but what ever it is, Love is always precious, if you have it make every effort not to let it go, it is precious. It is such precious that if you are loved you have something that others lacked and makes you feel special or you may be called precious to your sweetheart. Isn't it they always say Love more to them who loves you rather than whom you love. Isn't it heart breaking at the same time to know that one you love, loves someone else? such a delicate and delicious is this love.

If you are blessed with love have your cup, enjoy your life and make it a heart healthy life with your love, inspire and grow with love; yes you heard it right, grow old with your love - it is so fun in doing it. Though it is true that, one whom you love the most are usually the ones that hurt you the most, its always worth falling in love. For some Love is medicine and for some it is a pain but no matter what it is, it is still Love.

I would like to slide the curtain to this show of love with a simple note........
"Love to be Loved; It is precious".......Vasu

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